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Thank you for all your gracious remarks about our services.  It is always a privilege to serve you!


Was listening to the Bob Rivers Show today on the radio, not paying a whole lot of attention, heard the name "tuck" a reference to fishing, and then heard the unmistakeable voice of Tuck Harry. I Googled your name and there you were, my old neighbor and friend. I called my mom and she said your dad still lived up the street and as far as she knew he was doing well. Would love to hear from you!

Gary Altaras

He understands the way fish think,
The sea, the clouds, the rain.
He knows where whales will bubble-feed,
And when they’ll come again.

I’ve seen him do so many things,
The list could have no end;
But nothing else can top the day
He whistled down the wind.

He stood out on the back deck rail
And whistled, sharp and shrill,
He threw the salmon scraps aloft
And everything grew still

For silently, on night black wings,
Both head and tail a’ gleam,
The wind incarnate fell to earth;
And then I heard it scream.

It lingered but a moment there,
Where land and sea both end,
And left me awed beside the man
Who’d whistled down the wind.

Olympia, Washington

oh my! I miss Lisa"s chocolate Lava Cake (I just read the others guestbook notes)..

And of cource I miss everything else in Tenakee to, including the fishing and of cource you guys..

Lars Lunde Holmgaard

Tuck and Lisa - Thank you so much for creating a wonderful vacation for us - we were expecting a fishing trip and got the most fabulous dining, fishing, whale/eagle/sea lion watching, hot springs soaking, overall incredibly relaxing vacation experience. It was only 3-4 days but we felt like we were gone for 2 weeks, being able to completely disconnect from our world at home - your world in Tenakee is much more inviting!

Thank you for welcoming us into your home and sharing your stories, laughter, and most of all - your chocolate lava cake. We came for the fishing and will come back for the great company and world class cuisine (and the fishing too of course)! And Tuck, your amazing patience with a bunch of novices was impressive - thank you for guiding us to great success with our huge halibut and countless salmon.

Thanks also to Wyatt and Tucker and the rest of the support team for all of their help, and to Ginger and Oz for giving us dog lovers our doggie fix. We will be back!!!

Carolyn & Steve

Hey Lisa & Tuck, Mary and I are getting within a couple of years of officially making serious plans to take a trip and charter with you. Talk to you soon.

Were still doing well fishing the Lower Niagara River and Lake Ontario for SteelHead, BrownTrout and Kings but dreams wont be finalized untill we come up there and fish with you.

John & Mary Lowery

We just spent 4 days with Tuck, Lisa, Wyatt, Meryl, Tucker, Oz & Ginger in Tenakee & had the TIME OF OUR LIVES!!! I have to admit that I was weak sauce when it came to taking a bath in the hot springs nude...but I soon got over my prudeness & learned to appreciate the awesome healing power of a great soak, especially after a day of continually reeling in magnificent fish!

We caught so many varieties of fish including King & White Salmon, Cod, Rock Fish, Halibut & Dolly Varden. We were also able to encounter 17 different Brown Bears including 3 groups of sows with 2 cubs each, within a very close range, as well as a multitude of Orcas, Porpuses, and of course many gorgeous Bald Eagles.

We couldn’t have asked for a better vacation! Lisa is an AMAZING Chef, and so thoughtful! She even made Chocolate Lava cake for dessert one evening because she heard us talking about our love of it!

Tuck is an AWESOME Fishing Guide & Naturalist, and showed us a part of Alaska that some people only dream about.

Wyatt was such a helpful guide, and if it wasn’t for him, then we would have missed out on the opportunity to see the Orca super group...THANKS WYATT!

Jason & I are extremely grateful for the humbling experience of Tenakee and the surrounding ecosystem. We want to thank the entire crew for supplying us with a life altering experience full of stories to share with family and friends for years to come.

Thank you for your hospitality!
Jasmine & Jason Kintzler


Hi Tuck and Lisa, you have my baby boy, Wyatt up there working for you this summer. Take good care of him for me!!!

Mona Crismore

Hey there ... nice site. I was going to grab your URL to post on and was quite suprised what i found. Nice job hope to see ya soon.


Hey Tuck!

This is Lisa (Fricke) writing to you! I found your site and think it is so very cool what you are doing. Do you remember me? I’m in Texas, have two sons in University; cats, dogs and birds.

Hope you are fine---so many years have passed since our 9th grade English class, huh!


Hi Tuck and Lisa, you have my baby boy, Wyatt up there working for you this summer. Take good care of him for me!!!

Mona Crismore

Thank you Lisa and Tuck. That was the best way to spend a honeymoon hands down. The fishing was fantastic, but you two really made it the best experince I have ever had.

Tim and Kayla
P.S. Did you add left-handed scissors to the boat?

Hi guys....Can we still come if I don’t ever fish or want to, but would love to hang out with Don, see all the beautiful scenery with a camera and a journal, and meet all of you that he talks so fondly of. Don said I should ask if you take not fisherwomen along as well. We would like to come the fourth of July 2008 ](actualy the 3rd and leave on sat or sunday}if possible.

Is this too early to plan for that and what is the down payment and when do you want it...and Don wants you to put pictures of both of you on the internet so he can see you...Looking forward to meeting you. Don’s e mail address is .. I am his wife ( of almost 8 yrs) Can you believe it.!!!!!

Erika Filippi

Ciao Tuck and Lisa,

well your site is great, and I sincerely wish I could come visiting more often. Big hug to both of you and thanks for the great experience.

I love you guys.


Great website!!!! It was our best trip EVER!!!!! Say hello to the whales (and the bears) for us. 

Take care,
Len and Michelle


We love your dogs. You should have some pictures of them on the website.

Bob & Bill

Thank you for a great trip. So many fish!!!! And so little time. Three months is not enough!

We love you Tuck and Lisa. 

See you next year
Ivar and Sandra

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